Neuroanatomy to Color and Study

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This book provides a simple and direct method of learning the essentials of neuroanatomy by illustrating the brain, spinal cord, and other anatomical structures in easy-to-understand, three-dimensional drawings. It allows the reader to learn the pathways and parts of the nervous system by reading about them and coloring and labeling them at the same time. Carefully thought-out black and white drawings explain and depict the basic structure of the brain and spinal cord and their major components. The illustrations of the structure of the eye and ear are comprehensive and reveal their ultra-structure in exceptional detail.

  • Presents a simple, direct, and interactive method of learning the essentials of neuroanatomy
  • All key microanatomical and gross anatomical structures are presented with emphasis on pathways
  • The reader identifies, labels, and colors each section, thereby learning or reinforcing anatomic knowledge and aiding the memory
  • The anatomist-artist author has a flair for creating clear and interesting anatomical depictions
  • Witty cartoons describe word origins in humorous and memorable fashion (anatomic terms are often cumbersome and somewhat complex, making them difficult to remember)
  • Recent discoveries about the functions of the brain and spinal cord are represented
  • Features over 50 new anatomical plates, including 10 new drawings of the cerebellum
  • Serotonin and adrenergic pathways are new additions

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