Models of Seizures and Epilepsy

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Models of Seizures and Epilepsy, Second Edition, is a valuable, practical reference for investigators who are searching for the most appropriate laboratory models to address key questions in the field. The book also provides an important background for physicians, fellows, and students, offering insight into the potential for advances in epilepsy research as well as R&D drug development. Contents include the current spectrum of models available to model different epilepsy syndromes, epilepsy in transgenic animals, comorbidities in models of epilepsy, and novel technologies to study seizures and epilepsies in animals.

  • Provides a comprehensive reference detailing animal models of epilepsy and seizure
  • Offers insights on the use of novel technologies that can be applied in experimental epilepsy research
  • Edited by leading experts in the field that provide not only technical reviews of these models but also conceptual critiques
  • Comments on the strengths and limitations of various models, including their relationship to clinical phenomenology and their value in developing better understanding and treatments

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